Orthodontic braces allows you to reposition your teeth, aligning them, thus achieving a harmonic, balanced and more beautiful smile.

It is important to emphasize that, although the result of the treatment sought by the patients, in general, is esthetics, keeping the teeth and arches in balance also preserves the structures related to chewing – teeth, bones, joints and muscles, avoiding pain in the facial region. In addition, aligned teeth facilitate hygiene, helping to prevent caries and gum disease. Thus, the functional stability, combined with the esthetic gains, are many.

The treatment is indicated for any age, however, the sooner it is started, the better the results can be, and the possibility of preventing the development of more serious problems such as open or crossbite in children – as it is possible to direct the growth of the bone bases to better receive the teeth. For adults who want to maintain the esthetics of the smile during their treatment, we have available brackets of the color of the teeth, which are more discreet and, therefore, more pleasant the process to the patient, or the use of dental aligners.

Dental aligners

Dental aligners are a trend in orthodontics and are ideal for those who seek comfort without renouncing esthetics, and can be used by adults and adolescents.

They consist of transparent devices that are produced by 3D technology and perfectly fit the dental arch so as not to cause friction or wounds; are removable appliances, which the patient can remove for food and on special occasions, which also facilitates hygiene. The treatment is done with the use of successive aligners that take the teeth to the desired position. The exchange should be performed periodically according to the professional’s guidance.

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