Restorative Dentistry & Esthetics

Nowadays we have a complete arsenal for highly esthetic results; there are modern techniques for the smile design, and materials that mimic the natural tooth and have very high resistance to ensure the longevity of the treatment. Learn more about esthetic treatments:

Tooth whitening

Over time, the teeth absorb the pigmentation of the food making them more yellowish. Whitening can be performed in the clinic where the whitening agent is applied in high concentration for a short period of time or carried out at home under the professional’s supervision. In this case, the substance used has a lower concentration but stays longer in contact with the tooth. The technique can be chosen according to the needs of the patient.

The treatment causes little sensitivity, a little more pronounced on the superior teeth and the result in general is a younger and brighter smile.

Dental contact lenses or veneers.

Nowadays we can change the appearance, such as shape and texture of the teeth with the contact lenses or veneers, which are fine pieces of porcelain installed on the natural teeth, with the aim of bringing more harmonization to the smile. The treatment is very conservative, and the wear of the tooth structure will depend on the need of the case. In most part of the cases where smile design technique is applied, it is not necessary to wear the tooth.

The results are very pronounced, and have high predictability and durability.

Composite resins

The composite resins, which have the color of the teeth, came to replace the amalgam, long used in the past. Thus, the restorations are camouflaged and usually go unnoticed during speech or even in the smile. Patients who have amalgam can exchange restorations for composite resins and bring more aesthetics to the smile. The resins can also be used to make facets on the teeth, changing its shape and texture.

Metal-free ceramic prostheses

The dental crowns were previously built on a metal base, to give the necessary mastication resistance. However, the esthetic result could be impaired. With the advancement of materials, today we have been able to make dentures totally in ceramic, with esthetic results that are much more satisfactory and with the same safety of metals.

The beauty of the smile also goes through the harmonization of the gums. Learn more about esthetic gingival procedures.

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